Top Car Sprite Tutorial

For creating games you need if not good graphics at least some decent graphics. If you are not an artist by your own you have 3 options:

  • hire/collaborate with a good artist
  • buy existing assets from sites selling them
  • make your own graphics

Looking for different resources, I discovered that sometimes is not so hard to create your own sprites. Here is an old tutorial from an old forum for creating a top view car sprite:

Top Car Sprite - Step By Step

How To Create a Top Car Sprite, Step by Step

  1. Start with basic layout… Seats, front and rear.
  2. Add wheels. Make sure all wheels are the same size.
  3. Start covering.
  4. Remove the underline.
  5. Add color and some shading.
Top Car Samples

Top Car Samples

Found here, created by Krysis.


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