The Big List of HTML5 Game Tutorials

When you are making games in HTML5 you have several options. You can simply write everything by yourself in plain js and html, or you can use a gaming framework which already implements some core features used in most of the games, or simply using a game tool which exports in html5, in which you do all or most of the operations visually, writing none or less code.


My first framework I’m playing with is CreateJS. CreateJS is mature enough, tries to mimetic the flash/as3 class hierarchy and is supported by Adobe. Flash Profesionall CC has and option to export resources from flash for CreateJS.

More useful links:


Phaser is another html gaming framework, heavily inspired by flixel, another flash framework ported in many other languages.

This article is going to be maintained with more links as they will be discovered. If you have a link worthy to be mentioned here, just leave it in a comment.


PandaJS, html5/javascript engine, quite new but in the same time mature enough. It was built with the mobile support in mind, providing options to render games in WebGL or canvas, having it’s own Particle, Tweening and Physics Engines. It also provides support for sound and bitmap fonts and it implements a nice plugins mechanism for reusing code in addition to a way to organize code in modules(which can be quite hard in js).

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